The 2022 SWING CADDIE SC200+ is a portable Doppler based launch monitor. It now tells you your distance (Carry or total distance) depending on your settings.

Check out the ‘youtube’ testing videos showing how accurately it performed against the leading and vastly more expensive monitors on the market

The unit the size of a smart phone operates in 3 modes…Swing, Practice and Random. You can select a club in Practice mode and receive instant feedback, pick a yardage in Target mode and work on your scoring clubs, or practice in Random mode which the unit picks for you and helps you incorporate feel into your practice session.

Swing Caddie is the perfect practice partner.

No Smartphone Integration Required
The Swing Caddie is a standalone device. You won’t have to worry about syncing your device with an app or with your smartphone.

Practice Mode
Practice Mode displays your shot distance, swing speed, ball speed and smash factor, as well as your timed played and total shot count.

Select your club, set your Swing Caddie behind your ball, and you are ready to play.

Swing Caddie will automatically register your swing and vocalize the information to you.

Target Mode
Target Mode lets you set a target distance to test your consistency. Use the buttons or the remote to increase or decrease your target distance.

Once your distance and club are set, you are ready to go. One round in Target Mode is 10 shots.

After each swing, Swing Caddie will vocalize your shot distance, swing speed, ball speed/smash factor and a score out of 10 to show you how close you were to your goal.

Random Mode
Random Mode sets random target distances to challenge your accuracy. Instead of practicing one distance over and over, let Swing Caddie give you random target distances.

The unit will display your first random distance and wait for your swing.

After each shot, Swing Caddie will vocalize your shot distance, swing speed, ball speed/smash factor and a score out of 10. After a few seconds, it will announce your next random target distance or you can opt to switch to distance carry for the same shot.

The 2022 SC200+ model now features practice swing speed tracking over the previous model.


Distance Voice Output, Adjustable loft angle selectable (TBD)
Instant feedback via LCD display, Practice swing measurement
Distance adjustment by atmospheric pressure
3 Modes : Practice, Target, Random
Daily and overall stats for each club, Shot count and time display
Simultaneous display (Carry distance, Swing speed, Ball speed, Smash factor)Practice swing club head speed tracking has now been added

The system utilises radar tracking like Trackman launch monitors

Imagine doing your own club fitting…as an example try out a few drivers and see what distance, swing speed, ball speed and smash factor statistics each create all via a simplistic readout or voice feedback on the 2022 Swing Caddie SC200+

Call in to Kevin’s teaching bay to see the 2021 SC200+ in action


Price £315.00