golf pride grips landscape
  • New grips improve the feel of the club head
  • New grips increase your confidence
  • New grips help you align the club head at address
  • New grips enable one to achieve the correct grip pressure
  • New grips transform the aesthetics of your clubs
  • New grips of the correct size can transform your performance
  • Grips that are too small increase the the chances of hooking
  • Grips that are too large increase the chances of slicing
  • Incorrect grip sizes can easily affect your confidence
  • Incorrect grip sizes can increase glove wear
  • There are different types of grip for everyone’s suitability
  • There are grips for chronic arthritis sufferers
  • Existing grips can be enlarged to save you money
  • Old grips with worn ridges may well contravene the rules

Free Professional Advice Service

Have your existing grips checked by myself for wear, correct size, legitimacy and suitability relative to your natural ball flight.

I guarantee to fit a new set of grips on the same day or have them ready for the next day subject to availability. Spend over £100.00 in one transaction and receive a free 15 minute quick fix lesson.

Payments can be made in cash, cheque or mobile bank transfer 

Either call me on 07976 505577 or email me or speak to me on the range – no appointment necessary.

All prices include same day fitting and one layer of tape 

JSI Tour Velvet Grip £5.00

Golf Pride Tour Velvet £9.00 Midsize £10.00

Lamkin Crossline £9.00 Midsize £10.00

Lamkin X10 Black Crossline £9.00 Midsize £10.00

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap & CP2 Pro £12.00 Midsize £13.00

Golf Pride MCCx4 Multi-compound £12.00 Midsize £13.00

Golf Pride MCCx4 Align £13.00 Midsize £14.00

Putter Grips 

Superstroke 1.0 £25.00

Superstroke 2.0 £28.00

Superstroke 3.0 £32.00

Superstroke Super Traxion £35.00

Golf Pride SNSR £28.00

Winn Pro 1.18 £28.00

Winn Midsize Pistol £20.00

Lamkin Sink Fit £28.00

New Radius Super Offer £16.00 (limited stock)

Extra tape layers at £0.25 per extra layer