The golf-grip™ is a small pocket friendly product that allows the Golfer to achieve the perfect grip position.

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It is a unique tool that can be used on any club in the Golfers’ bag. Designed in conjunction with several PGA Golfers the golf-grip™ was tried and tested on hundreds of Golfers of all abilities. Consistent use is found to promote ‘muscle memory’ allowing the Golfer, with practice and time, to achieve the perfect grip – without assistance.

Spend a little time researching the perfect golf grip & you will find many books, articles and videos from some of the most prominent Golf industry professionals. They all seem to agree, the grip is one of, if not the most important aspects of a Golfers game. The first thing to get right.

The developers believed that such an important part of the game should have a specifically tailored training aid. From that concept, golf-grip™ was born. Developed over 5 years, through many hours of ergonomic research and design development  have honed the golf-grip™ to an easy to use product that delivers you the perfect grip – every time. The gadget allows for correct hands placement on the club combined with helping to achieve the correct grip pressure. I’ve seen and sampled many different training grips over the years but this product is by far the best and it doesn’t feel bulky at all unlike so many others. Priced at £16.00 try a sample with Kevin at the teaching bay or call me on 07976 505577.

Please do not place any orders as there is no online stock available.