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I’m Kevin Valentine a PGA Qualified Golf Professional. My teaching philosophy is to keep things simple and understandable for my clients. My priority is to achieve the best from the individual rather than to try and get them to swing the club by the book. LEARN MORE

Golf Lessons

Teaching options to suit your game

I offer a range of teaching options from single lessons to cost effective multi lesson programmes. For a complete list of options visit the Tuition Tariff page

  • 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute lessons
  • New 90 and 120 minute lessons
  • 2 hour course playing lessons
  • 30 and 45 minute junior lessons
  • Silver and Gold Multi lesson programmes
Tuition Tariff


When I use a new golf coach I normally feel quite apprehensive however, when I met Kevin he quickly put me at ease. Firstly we chatted about my past golf, coaching and also what I'd like to achieve. I particularly liked the questionnaire he supplies to record a customers details and future progress etc.

I've always thought coaching was difficult to understand given the amount of information one may have to take on board but Kevin made everything so plain and logical to understand.



Kevin offers a money back guarantee on a putting lesson....'if he can't improve you he won't charge you' he says!

I thought ok I'd give it a go...guess what?

I enjoyed the lesson so much and improved massively I insisted on asking him for a bunch of business cards to promote him to my golfing friends. There is quite a bit of psychology involved to improving performance which I didn't realise....he got me into a simple but positive mindset within minutes. I'm now putting better than I could ever imagined given I'd been struggling for years.

Mr Perry

Over the years I've endured an awful problem of shanking. I'd even given up the game for a spell because it caused me so much anxiety. Kevin was recommended to me by a fellow golfer...I was astonished with the difference he made straight away. I really wasn't aware of how wrong l was thinking...he clearly explained what I was doing and what the solutions were. To date I'm now enjoying my golf and I've even started to play in club competitions.

Grant R

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The current companies we help to refer business on to are companies who we have used in the past and or we are familiar with the owners or managers and have the utmost confidence in what they provide. Further to this they have an excellent reputation for quality of service and product. ReadMore

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