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For 2022 I am planning to hold our first golf manufacturer club fitting day. Please keep a lookout for the dates and times. On this day you will be able to try out the latest club technology from a well known brand plus you can book an in depth fitting session using Trackman tracking technology with a qualified fitting technician.

I have a business association with a local “State of the Art” custom fitting centre whereby my clients will receive qualified advice from Custom fitting experts.

Their club fitting sessions are tracked with the latest laser launch monitoring equipment and are complimented by a range of different trial clubs from major manufacturers.

Using my referral scheme code, my clients will be able to obtain competitive pricing for all equipment makes. If saleable, they are also more than happy to take your old equipment as a trade in.

Why Custom Fitting?

Custom fitting is very important when it comes to using the right and most suitable equipment for the individual.

Golfers are built differently – short through to tall – slim build to big build – leg length – arm length – upper body length – neck length – flexibility – hand size – glasses, contact lenses or neither… these all have a bearing on the customisation of a fitted set of clubs… an iron sole plate has to hit the ground correctly at a controllable speed at the right angle of attack with the right loft….it’s no use having the wrong components even though they may be the most expensive.

Innovations in custom fitting now include ball tracking monitors measuring distance, impact, carry, roll, speed, smash factor and more. Trial clubs can have the heads swapped in seconds during a fitting with an infinite number of configurations to arrive at the right ones for you.

Your custom fitting session will include

  • Hitting onto the range not into a net
    •  Launch monitor ball tracking
    •  Top quality balls
    •  Video performance analysis
    •  Guaranteed to get the right clubs for you and your game
    •  MOT your existing clubs – check they are right for you
    •  Heated spacious private suite
    •  Individual advice from custom fitting experts