Distance control – Wedge Play

For wedge play distance control start with the address position of the ball being around the middle of your stance with a reduced width of stance.

If you are looking to achieve up to a ¾ distance or less favour your weight (60%) on your front foot.

Concentrate on a good posture to emphasize a steady head position throughout the swing. These shots are mainly about control, feel and consistency so….see contact, then feel it and then and only then look for the result.

Hold the finish of the swing until the ball hits the ground which will improve your control and moreover your balance.

Rehearse your swing prior to the execution but make sure you are ready for that practice swing and simulate that swing when hitting the ball for real. Try to lead the club head in to the impact area with the intention of leading with your hands. If you are looking for full distance then the theory is to increase your body action, swing length, weight transfer and encourage the use of your wrists.

When you analyse what I’ve just said there are a lot of moving parts added that can easily go wrong so as an alternative use a 9 iron and so on for the extra distance and play a physically easier version with a reduced swing etc. Using a ball that spins more will increase your chances of producing more backspin. Using the correct bounce angles on your wedges relative to the ground conditions at the time will improve your ball strike. If you would like any free advice on either of these aspects pop in to the teaching bay at Eaton Hill for a chat.